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 Press release from the Algerian feminist group " Harcèlement Stop ! ", sended by e-mail on december 2009, 17.


Two working women from the Algerian Bank have been humiliated at their work place. Some people have made a fool of their dignity by submitting them to sexual and moral harassment as well as excessive sanctions. Persecuted and left aside, they suffer from nervous breakdown. These women have complained in vain to the persons in charge. They have been threatened of dismissal. The Work Inspectorate does not have the ability to take them in charge. When they dare break the silence and speak to the newspapers to denounce those intolerable attacks to their dignity, and make their voice reach the Governor of the Algerian Bank, hoping to regain their dignity at their work place, these women are then prosecuted for slander and sentenced !

How is it possible that from victims, they become culprits ? Guilty of daring to complain, to speak loudly while so many others suffer in silence. Guilty of asking for sanctions as serious as the violence they are submitted to.

While trusting the juridical decisions that are in process, we are asking the legislators of our country, who will certainly be able to appreciate how serious these facts are, to obtain justice to these women and to hear their protection claim because their fate of humiliated and badly treated women concerns all of us.

In order that no other woman could be the victim of harassment or be sentenced for denouncing it, we have to take action for these working women and express our support.

The victims are immured in their silence for fear of reprisals. We should encourage them to lodge a complaint against their aggressors because only justice can put an end to this kind of perverted violence.

We should clarify and strengthen the law so that the victims of sexual harassment could be more and better protected. Support the reinforcement of the Article 341a of the Penal Code !

Let's sign this call and send it to :

Présidency of algerian republic, prime minister of Algerian Government, minister of justice from Algéria, delegated minister responsible of family and womens condition from Algéria, minister of work and social welfare system from Algéria, national council of woman from Algéria, minister of religious cases from Algéria, minister of solidarity from Algéria, minister of health from Algéria, minister of social welfare system from Algéria, council of family and woman from Algéria, APN, state council from Algéria, senate from Algéria, syndicate of magistracy from Algéria, bar from Algéria, Meriem Belmihoub-Zerdani (Cedaw), Zohra Drif-Bitat, Moudjahidates, Moudjahidines, political parties from Algéria, Human Rights assocations, ONDH, newspapers, Gouvernor of Algérian bank

Send a copy of your support to harcelement.stop@gmail.com

First signers :

Femmes en Communication / FEC ; Réseau WASSILA ; Fatma OUSSEDIK sociologue ; Comité de Femmes du SNAPAP ; AFEPEC ; RAFD ; Malika BOUZENAD ; SOS Femmes en Détresse ; Fatma BOUFENIK enseignante chercheure pdte de FARD ; Saleha LARAB journaliste ,Nadjet KHADDA ;SOS Nour Annaba ; FIJ Bureau d'Alger ; Comité de Femmes LADDH ; FARD Oran ; 20 ans Barakat ; Daho DJERBAL, universitaire Alger, ;Nadira LAGGOUNE, enseignante Alger ;Mohamed KHANDRICHE, Sociologue Alger, Anissa BOUAYED historienne ; Nadjia BOUARICHA, journaliste ; Khaoula ZERROUKI agronome Paris, Rachid YAHOU journaliste Tizi Ouzou ; Nabila nadjet GUERMESLI ; Nadia ARBAIOUI, Bedira Lesbet, assistante sociale Alger, Kheira MEZIANE Paris Adlene MEDDI journaliste, Abdelkrim BACHOUCHE, Dr ingeneieur, Dalila ALLOUCHE ; Djamila HARITI, Leila TALEB enseignante, Malia BEDJ, Yasmine BELKACEM, Sara DEMMOU ; Samia ALLALOU, Naima BOUDA, Paris, SILARBI Wassila chargee com alger, Aicha SAIDI, journaliste Oran, Djamal BENMERAD, ecrivain, Bruxelles, Belgique ; Ahmed HALFAOUI, journaliste consultant Alger ;Ali ELHADJ TAHAR, artiste peintre poète ; Françoise blanchon, peintre en bâtiment, Lyon, France; Judith Chaumont, secrétaire, Strasbourg, France ; collectif "Freakzine", Lyon, France ; association féministe "Le torchon brule toujours", Lyon, Strasbourg, Paris et Neyrolles, France ; collectif Scumlambda, soutien aux LGBTI de Turquie, Strasbourg, Paris, France ; Quincaillerie Féministe, Lyon, France ;

Some e-mails addresses :

-Banque d'Algérie : ba@bank-of-algeria.dz

-La Présidence de la République en Algérie : president@el-mouradia.dz

-Ministre de la Justice en Algérie : contact@mjustice.dz

-Ministre déléguée chargée de la Famille et de la condition féminine en Algérie :


-Assemblée Nationale Populaire d'Algérie : s.cabinet@apn.gov.dz; secretariat_general@apn-dz.org

-Journal El watan : obelhouchet@elwatan.com; nationale@elwatan.com

-Journal El moudjahid : elmoudja@elmoudjahid.com; cherbal@elmoudjahid.com; timizar@elmoudjahid.com; redchef@elmoudjahid.com

-Journal Le Jour d'Algérie : lejourdz@lejourdalgerie.com

-Ligue Algérienne de défense des droits de l'homme: formulaire de contact

-Coalition Egalité Sans Réserve : contact@adfm.ma

-Fédération Internationale des droits de l'homme : formulaire de contact

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